How long does it take to create a cut out Collector Box?

For the #paperninjasquad full body paper cut outs, it takes about 5 hours to create them--start to finish.

  1. The process begins with conversations over phone, email and/or text about what is wanted as well as receiving reference images. (15 mins)
  2. After receiving reference images, I begin creating the digital illustration of the ninja or individual. This time can vary and is based on the complexity of the character. (90 mins+)
  3. Templates are created as I decide how I am going to layer the paper. (60 mins)
  4. Colored pieces of paper are selected and cut to size to place on cutting mat. (20 mins)
  5. A cutter is used to cut out the unique shapes required to create the portrait. (20 mins)
  6. Weeding or removing the necessary pieces from the cutting happens next. (20 mins)
  7. Portrait assembly begins. (60 mins+)
  8. Once completed, framing begins as the creation is placed in a shadow box. (15 mins)
  9. The Papercut Ninja logo and signature applied on to the glass. (60 mins)
  10. The portrait is packed into the shipping box.
  11. The package is shipped out to you.

Cut It Out

Like what you see? Would you like a paper cut out of yourself? A family member? Or a friend?