46 Years Young

So today I turn 46! Yup, don’t let my baby face fool ya. If I let my hair grow out, you’ll see the gray starting to take over. 46 years, but the last several years have truly been the highlight—starting a new life in NC; watching my boys grow and thrive; creatively cutting paper; altering my lifestyle to include fitness; opening an obstacle training facility, falling in love and growing with my #WarriorTechFamily; being a part of the OCR and Ninja community and stepping onto the American Ninja Warrior course! Looking back, I can’t help but be thankful.

2013 to 2019

The image above is from 2013 and the right is several weeks ago as I was preparing for my American Ninja Warrior debut. It’s been a fun journey and the decision to take care of myself has sparked so many more adventures. I feel younger and stronger than this time last year—but there are definitely parts of my body that feel 46 years old. A lot can happen in a year—and this year will be no exception. Truly blessed! If you are reading this, I thank you for being a part of these past 46 years.

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