Achilles-versary 2

Today is the day! I will get to step on an American Ninja Warrior Course. I am a bundle of emotions—anxiety, excitement, fear, joy… I am thankful and humbled for all the support from family, friends and community. I can’t explain how much it means to me.

Today is also my 2nd achilles-versary. Four days after opening our doors at Warrior Tech OCR, I fully ruptured my right Achilles’ tendon. This was my biggest physical injury I’ve had to comeback from during my fitness journey. But the hardest part of the comeback wasn’t the hours PT foam rolling, massaging, stretching and doing the exercises—it was the mental game. My biggest obstacle training for OCR and Ninja was me.

I could no longer hide behind my injury. I had to put my fear of re-injury aside. Stop thinking about my deductible. Start running again. Get over that wall. Sign up for that race. Make this ordinary body into something extraordinary. Just like my art, I take paper—ordinary colored pieces of paper—and cut it into something extraordinary.

So today marks the end of a come back and starts the beginning of a go forward.

#makingordinaryintoextraordinary #papercutninja