One Year Ago

Wow… 1 year ago, I was down in Miami to test the ANW course. Warrior Tech OCR had five people submit videos to ANW—none got the call. I know the show does NOT define us as athletes or us as a ninja gym. But during the 20+ hour drive back from Miami, I did a lot of thinking—my goal was to get someone from WarriorTech to get the call. I was going to help however I could to produce solid submission videos. Little did I think it would be me.

Warrior Tech started from the ground up with a love of conquering obstacles—no podium elite racers, no American Ninja Warriors—just a group of people with dream and undying passion. To witness the growth of our members on a daily basis fills me with joy and motivation to continue pushing forward. The OCR, Ninja and Warrior Tech community has changed my life and I am truly grateful!

#makingordinaryintoextraordinary #papercutninja